Growing up on the border of Brooklyn & Queens during the 1980’s, there were few ways for local kids to express themselves. With graffiti taking hold, and artwork all along the city, with so many forms and hand styles, GizNYC, was inspired and energized. Following a slight nudge from his cousin, the artist prodigy was born.

“I really chose my true passion, the true sport of graffiti,” said GizNYC. “A real graffiti writer is not doing it for money. He’s not doing it for any other reason than the passion of itself. There’s a lot of negative things that come with being a graffiti writer. It’s dangerous. It’s violent at times. You can get arrested...And you could definitely lose your life if you’re not paying attention and doing certain things. I respect people that do it for the real passion.”


About Tango Hotel:

Tango Hotel is an apparel brand founded by Richard Hilfiger, Al-baseer Holly and Stevie Williams. The founders built Tango Hotel with a foundation of living everyday as if it were their last, and continue to build their lives and legacies upon their nothing-to-lose, and nothing-is-unattainable mantra. The bi-coastal brand features men’s streetwear clothing and accessories designed around a permanent vacation lifestyle led by skaters, artists and musicians alike.