• BG183 Diecast NY Subway Car
  • BG183 Diecast NY Subway Car
  • BG183 Diecast NY Subway Car
  • BG183 Diecast NY Subway Car
  • BG183 Diecast NY Subway Car
  • BG183 Diecast NY Subway Car
  • BG183 Diecast NY Subway Car

BG183 Diecast NY Subway Car


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Unveiling the Limited Edition BG183 Diecast NY MTA Subway Car: A Collector's Dream

Elevate Your Collection with Unmatched Authenticity

Discover the epitome of urban artistry and modern collectible innovation with the BG183 Diecast NY MTA Subway Car. A jewel in the crown for enthusiasts of graffiti culture and subway memorabilia, this piece marks a significant collaboration between Hip Hop Toyz, Definitive Projects, and the legendary BG183 of TATSCRU. The limited edition, officially licensed 1:100 scale die-cast model, is not just a collectible but a piece of New York's vibrant history captured in metal.

  • Exceptional Detailing & Unique Artwork: Each subway car boasts distinct graffiti art on each side, reflecting the dynamism and depth of street art culture. This attention to detail promises a unique addition to any collection.
  • Authenticity & Rarity: With only 100 units crafted, ownership becomes an exclusive right to a slice of cultural heritage, enhanced by a Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by BG183 himself.
  • Engaging Features: This collectible is designed to delight, featuring integrated lights and sound that bring the essence of the NYC subway to life.


  • How many BG183 Diecast NY MTA Subway Cars were made? Only 100 of these exquisite models have been produced, making it a highly sought-after collectible.
  • Is the artwork on each subway car the same? No, each car showcases different graffiti art on each side, making every piece uniquely captivating.
  • Are there any interactive features? Yes, the model includes lights and sound features, enhancing its display value and immersing you in the authentic subway experience.

Meet BG183: Graffiti Legend and Cultural Icon

Embark on a journey through the life of BG183, a foundational pillar of TATSCRU and a monumental figure in the graffiti art scene. Born in the South Bronx, BG183's journey from local artist to international sensation embodies the spirit of New York's urban landscape. His work, characterized by intricate letter styles and vibrant characters, has not only graced city walls but also the halls of esteemed institutions and galleries worldwide.

  • Versatile Talent: BG183's collaborations range from global corporations like Coca Cola and MTV to music legends such as Jennifer Lopez and Ice-T.
  • Global Recognition: His art has been featured in prestigious venues, including The Smithsonian Museum and international galleries, showcasing his universal appeal and impact on the art world.

Why the BG183 Diecast NY MTA Subway Car is a Must-Have

Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of art that transcends conventional boundaries, blending the raw energy of graffiti with the nostalgia of the NYC subway. This model is more than just a collectible; it's a tangible connection to the heart of urban creativity and a testament to the enduring legacy of BG183 and TATSCRU.

  • Investment Potential: With its limited edition status and significant cultural value, this subway car model is poised to become a coveted piece among collectors and art enthusiasts alike.
  • Cultural Connection: Owning this model is akin to holding a piece of New York's vibrant history and the global graffiti movement.
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