• Dragon 76 Diecast NY  Subway Car
  • Dragon 76 Diecast NY  Subway Car
  • Dragon 76 Diecast NY  Subway Car
  • Dragon 76 Diecast NY  Subway Car
  • Dragon 76 Diecast NY  Subway Car
  • Dragon 76 Diecast NY  Subway Car

Dragon 76 Diecast NY Subway Car

Dragon 76

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Unveil the Streets of NY in Your Home
Dive into the heart of New York's vibrant culture with the Dragon 76 Diecast NY MTA Subway Car. This exceptional piece not only captures the essence of the bustling city but also brings the gritty charm of its streets into your living space. With its distinctive artwork by Dragon 76, each side of the subway car tells a story, showcasing the dynamic coexistence of contrasts that define the city and the artist himself.

Why This Piece Stands Out

  • Limited Edition: Only 100 pieces available worldwide, edition #42.
  • Authenticity: Accompanied by a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity from Dragon 76.
  • Unique Artistry: Features unique artwork on each side, blending street art with model craftsmanship.
  • Collector's Gem: A 1:100 scale die-cast model, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts of NYC culture.

Collector's Guide: Ensuring Authenticity and Value
FAQ: How do I verify the authenticity of my purchase?
Each model comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, hand-signed by Dragon 76, ensuring its legitimacy and enhancing its value as a collector's item.

FAQ: What makes this model a must-have for collectors?
Its limited availability, distinctive artistry by a renowned muralist, and representation of NYC's MTA subway, all contribute to its uniqueness and desirability among collectors and art enthusiasts.

Inspiration Behind the Art
Dragon 76, a celebrated Japanese muralist, infuses his work with themes of coexistence, capturing the dynamic interplay between past and future, stillness and movement, justice and evil. His collaboration with Def Projects brings this visionary piece to life, embodying the spirit of New York and the creative prowess of contemporary street art.

Why Choose the Dragon 76 Diecast NY MTA Subway Car?

  • Own a Piece of Art: More than a model, it's a piece of New York's soul, interpreted through the eyes of a street art icon.
  • Limited Edition Collectible: With only 100 pieces made, it's a rare gem in the world of art collectibles.
  • A Symbol of Coexistence: Reflects the artist's theme of harmony among contrasts, mirroring the diverse fabric of NYC.
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