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  • MadC NYC 1982 Print - Wynwood Walls Shop
  • MadC NYC 1982 Print - Wynwood Walls Shop

MadC NYC 1982 Print


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Embracing the Urban Culture

Get your hands on the MadC NYC 1982 Print, an iconic representation of New York City's thriving street art scene in the early '80s. This captivating print, meticulously crafted by renowned artist MadC, embodies the spirited energy and cultural pulse of the city. It's more than a decorative piece; it's a tangible token of an influential era in urban art history.

An Asset for Collectors and Art Lovers

This print isn't just a mere piece of paper. It's a chronicle, a snapshot of the time when graffiti became an art form. As a prized piece in any art collection, the MadC NYC 1982 Print offers collectors an opportunity to own a slice of history. But it isn't reserved for the seasoned collector alone. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a fan of the graffiti genre, or a lover of New York's urban charm, this print stands as a must-have addition to your collection.

Quality Craftsmanship, Superior Detail

The MadC NYC 1982 Print impresses with its vivid colors, precision detail, and durable quality. This high-resolution print is designed to retain its striking visuals for years to come, ensuring that your investment remains intact. It's a fusion of top-tier production standards and creative flair that distinguishes this print from others.

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