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  • AIKO Matted Print 2021 - Wynwood Walls Shop
  • AIKO Matted Print 2021 - Wynwood Walls Shop
  • AIKO Matted Print 2021 - Wynwood Walls Shop

AIKO Matted Print 2021


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Unveiling the AIKO Matted Print 2021

Discover the AIKO Matted Print 2021 – an 8 x 12 inches archival pigment print, matted to a stunning 12 x 16 inches size, on exquisite matte paper. This piece showcases the merger of technology and creativity, capturing the artist's vision with unparalleled detail and depth.

Artistic Excellence: Embrace the Inspiration

Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of modern art with the AIKO Matted Print 2021. This work of art reflects the artist's innovative spirit and unique approach to design. Its captivating imagery and vivid palette stimulate the senses, inviting viewers to explore its complex narratives and themes. This print is more than a piece of art – it’s a conversation starter, a testament to the transformative power of creativity.

High-Quality Craftsmanship: A Testament to Endurance

The AIKO Matted Print 2021 is not just a print; it is a symbol of longevity. The archival pigment used ensures that each shade and stroke preserves its vibrancy over time, while the matte paper enhances the artwork's overall aesthetic appeal. Matted to a 12 x 16 inches size, this print guarantees a visually pleasing balance, perfect for adding sophistication to any space.

A Perfect Addition: Transform Your Space

Whether you’re a seasoned art collector or a novice looking to spruce up your space, the AIKO Matted Print 2021 makes a compelling addition. Its versatile size and striking imagery can transform any room, creating an ambiance that exudes culture, sophistication, and style. This print not only enhances your decor but also allows you to express your personality and passion for art.

About the Artist:



AIKO, aka LADY AIKO, was born and raised in Tokyo before moving to New York City in the mid-90’s. She is one of the most important female street artists known for her ability to combine western art movements and eastern technical artistic skills.

Already creating art since a young age, her art careen in NYC began when she started working for Takashi Murakami. She assisted Murakami’s studio in Brooklyn until the late 90’s going on to a direct biography on the artists (Superflat” 1998). AIKO continued to practice her own art and graduated from The New School University where she finished her MFA Media Studies. She met up with two American artists, the three of them would come to establish the group now known as FFAILE. Creating work within the collective locally and abroad for a number of years, she moved on and established herself as LADY AIKO in 2006.

AIKO continues to create work in the studio as well as public space. She is acclaimed in the contemporary art world and well-respected within the international graffiti and street art scene. She had a two-person show “Bick Ladies” with Lady Pink in Brooklyn in 2008, and she collaborated with Banksy on “Exit Through the Gift Shop” in 2010. Her large scale works indoors, and outdoors are installed in many cities, including Miami’s Wynwood Walls in 2009, New York City’s Bowery Wall in 2013; as the first female artist, and Coney Art Walls in 2015/2016/2017, all three curated by Jeffrey Deitch. AIKO has also been involved in a large collection of group show and solo exhibitions; “AnimamixBiennale” at Shanghai’s MoCA in 2009, “Edo Pop” at Japan Society NYC in 2013, “Lady Go!” at Shizuoka City Tokaido Hiroshige Museum in 2018, and Beyond The Streets in LA 2020 and NY2019.

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