• The London Police MINION PopGrip
  • The London Police MINION PopGrip
  • The London Police MINION PopGrip
  • The London Police MINION PopGrip
  • The London Police MINION PopGrip

The London Police MINION PopGrip

The London Police

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Captivating Street Art Meets Functionality

The London Police Minion PopGrip x The Wynwood Walls is not just an accessory; it's a statement piece. Merging the raw energy of street art with the everyday functionality of a phone grip, this unique item transforms your device into a canvas of urban creativity. The design, featuring the iconic Minion character by The London Police, is set against the backdrop of Miami's famous Wynwood Walls, offering a slice of street art culture right in your hands.

  • Highly Durable and User-Friendly Design
  • Sticks to Most Devices and Cases
  • Repositionable and Washable Gel

Iconic Collaboration: The London Police & Wynwood Walls

This PopGrip is a result of an exciting collaboration between the renowned art duo, The London Police, and Miami's celebrated outdoor museum, The Wynwood Walls. Known for their captivating characters and monochromatic visuals, The London Police's artwork is recognized worldwide. The Wynwood Walls, a symbol of creative expression and transformation, provides the perfect canvas for this collaboration, making the PopGrip a collectible art piece.

  • Renowned Global Street Artists
  • Symbol of Urban Art and Culture
  • Perfect Blend of Style and Heritage

Function Meets Art: Elevate Your Device's Aesthetics

Beyond its visual appeal, the London Police Minion PopGrip offers practicality. It ensures a secure grip to prevent phone drops, serves as a stand for hands-free use, and is compatible with wireless charging. The combination of art and utility makes it an essential accessory for any art enthusiast or anyone looking to add a touch of creativity to their daily life.

  • Enhances Grip and Prevents Drops
  • Works as a Convenient Stand
  • Compatible with Wireless Charging

FAQ: Your Questions Answered

Q: Can the PopGrip adhere to all phone surfaces?

A: It sticks to most devices and cases, but may not adhere to silicone or waterproof coatings.

Q: Is the design durable?

A: Yes, it features a robust construction to ensure the design doesn't wear off with regular use.

Q: Can I use wireless charging with this PopGrip?

A: Absolutely! The PopGrip is compatible with wireless charging, making it a seamless addition to your device.

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