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  • Stemless - 12oz Santorini - Wynwood Walls Shop

Stemless - 12oz Santorini


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Elegance of the Neon Lights Drinkware

Illuminate your everyday experiences with the Stemless - 12oz Santorini. An embodiment of functionality and artistry, this neon lights drinkware is more than a mere container - it's a statement of style. Colored in vibrant neon hues that mimic the vibrancy of Santorini's nightlife, the drinkware brings a refreshing flair to your routine, perfect for wine enthusiasts, workout buffs, or anyone who appreciates striking aesthetics.

Reliable Insulation for Ultimate Satisfaction

Ensuring your beverages stay at the desired temperature is the cornerstone of drinkware functionality. The Stemless - 12oz Santorini boasts of top-tier insulation, capable of keeping your favorite drinks chilled for up to six hours or warm for three. Whether it's an invigorating sip of wine, a refreshing gulp of lemonade, or a comforting cup of hot cocoa, the temperature stability of this drinkware will elevate your experience.

Beyond Looks - Quality Craftsmanship and Design

But beauty isn't just skin-deep with the Stemless - 12oz Santorini. This drinkware has been designed with meticulous attention to detail, promising a shatter-proof lid and a silicone bottom that stays put. The easy-grip, flat sides allow for a secure hold, while the stainless-steel body ensures durability. Dishwasher safe and triple-insulated, this neon lights drinkware embodies both convenience and quality.

  • Cool for 6 hours, hot for 3
  • Triple insulated
  • Sliding, shatter-proof crystal clear lid
  • Stay-put silicone bottom
  • Easy-grip, flat sides
  • Stainless steel
  • Length: 3.19in
  • Width: 3.15in
  • Height: 4.53in
  • Weight: 0.48lb

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