Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV Football by Tavar Zawacki

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This limited-edition artwork from Tavar Zawacki reflects his signature use of geometric shapes and color. These themes are synonymous with the iconic style of Miami. His use of vibrant color and pattern work together to give his art a 3D feel, putting it in motion that hints toward the motion on the football field. The pattern created on the ball is similar to what could be found on his building murals. He’s previously collided the worlds of athletics and art when he created a mural for the U.S. Tennis Open, which also was held in Miami.


The Collab

In collaboration with Wynwood Walls artists, Wilson and the NFL created these limited-edition footballs inspired by the iconic style and colorful culture of Miami. Using artists based around the world, these footballs put an international perspective on a uniquely American game that has become a global spectacle.


  • Wynwood Walls, Wilson, and the NFL have teamed up to create limited edition footballs for Super Bowl LIV
  • Each ball is designed by a different artist from the Wynwood Walls collective
  • Designs were inspired by the iconic style and colorful culture of Miami, host city of Super Bowl LIV
  • The artists are based around the world to reflect the globa spectacle of the Super Bowl
  • The balls are limited edition art pieces: only 104 of each football are available for sale
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