The Essence of Life: Mojo's New Collection

Unveiling the New Artistic Marvels from Mojo x Wynwood Walls

Art is a reflection of life, and at Wynwood Walls, we curate masterpieces that tell a story. With our recent Mojo New Collection, the essence of life, struggle, beauty, and introspection is poetically woven into every piece. Dive into this majestic journey and explore how each product can add a touch of artistic flair to your life.


From Canvas to Keepsake: Magnets that Tell a Story

Mojos's artwork captures moments of profound depth. Now, you can cherish these moments daily with our exclusive magnets.

  • Her HEIR: Inspired by the resilience of women of color, the 'Her HEIR magnet' is a token of self-love and respect. Display it as a reminder of the power of embracing one's identity.

  • OVERtown: This magnet, aptly titled 'OVERtown', captures the spirit of youthful joy amidst adversity. A reflection of true #blackboyjoy, it’s a piece of Art Basel Miami 2019, right in your home.

  • lil HAVANA: The struggle for one's dreams is beautifully encapsulated in the 'lil HAVANA magnet'. Let it be a reminder that every challenge faced brings you one step closer to your goals..

Unleash Your Artistic Soul: Stickers and Notebooks

Art isn't just to be viewed; it's to be lived. With Mojo's art-inspired products, immerse yourself in creativity every day.

  • Artistic Expression in Stickers: The 'Mojo Sticker Pack' is perfect for art enthusiasts to showcase their love for unique designs. Adorn your gadgets, notebooks, or even your workspace with these captivating stickers.

  • Notebooks for the Reflective Soul: Jot down your thoughts, sketches, or daily musings in notebooks inspired by artworks like 'The Listener', 'a LIVE', and 'OVERtown'. Every page turn is a journey into the artist’s soul.

Art on the Move: The ‘Her HEIR’ Tote Bag

The essence of the 'Her HEIR' artwork is not just limited to canvas or magnet. Carry a piece of Mojo's artistic brilliance wherever you go with the 'Her HEIR Tote Bag'. It's more than a bag—it's a statement of identity, resilience, and beauty.