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  • ABSTRK AB21 II Popsocket - Wynwood Walls Shop
  • ABSTRK AB21 II Popsocket - Wynwood Walls Shop
  • ABSTRK AB21 II Popsocket - Wynwood Walls Shop
  • ABSTRK AB21 II Popsocket - Wynwood Walls Shop

ABSTRK AB21 II PopGrip - Last Chance


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Transform Your Device into a Masterpiece

Dive into the vibrant world of ABSTRK with the AB21 II PopGrip, a unique accessory that's more than just a tool for better grip or a stand for your device. Created by the renowned Cuban-American artist, known for his dynamic movement and kaleidoscopic color schemes, this PopGrip is a portal to a world of artistic excellence and flair. Perfect for those who appreciate art that tells a story, the AB21 II PopGrip isn't just an accessory; it's a statement piece that speaks volumes about your style and personality.

  • Compatible with Perfection: Tailored to enhance your device's functionality, this PopGrip is compatible with PopChain and PopStation, ensuring you get the best experience. Its design fits seamlessly with smooth, hard plastic cases and is specifically optimized for iPhone 11/12 series (excluding Pro models without a suitable case).

  • Artistic Legacy and Inspiration: ABSTRK, a symbol of resilience and creativity, infuses his rich heritage and the dramatic tales of his family's journey from Cuba to the USA into every piece he creates. The AB21 II PopGrip captures this spirit, making it not just an accessory but a piece of history and art that you carry with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: Will it stick to my phone case?

    • A: It sticks best to smooth hard plastic cases and is ideal for iPhone 11/12 models, ensuring a secure grip without compromising style.
  • Q: Can I use it with a wireless charger?

    • A: It's not compatible with Apple MagSafe wireless chargers. For MagSafe accessories compatibility, consider using the PopSockets Slide Stretch.
  • Q: Is it just for aesthetic appeal?

    • A: Beyond its striking visual appeal, the AB21 II PopGrip offers practicality, providing a firmer grip and a stand function for your device, enhancing both style and usability.

Why the AB21 II PopGrip is a Must-Have

This PopGrip is not just an accessory but a bridge to a world where art meets functionality. It represents a journey, a story, and an ethos, encapsulating ABSTRK’s vibrant essence and the dynamic energy of his graffiti and fine art. Whether you're using it to secure your phone, stand it up for easy viewing, or simply to add a touch of art to your device, the AB21 II PopGrip is an essential for those who dare to stand out.

  • Effortless Compatibility and Use: Its design ensures it fits perfectly with your lifestyle, offering ease of use and compatibility with your favorite devices.

  • A Touch of Elegance: With this PopGrip, your device transforms into a gallery piece, making every moment you hold your phone an experience in art appreciation.

  • Celebrate Heritage and Artistry: Owning the AB21 II PopGrip is more than just an upgrade to your device's functionality; it's an embrace of cultural history and artistic innovation.

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