• Be@rbrick 1000% Andy Warhol BRILLO
  • Be@rbrick 1000% Andy Warhol BRILLO
  • Be@rbrick 1000% Andy Warhol BRILLO
  • Be@rbrick 1000% Andy Warhol BRILLO
  • Be@rbrick 1000% Andy Warhol BRILLO

Be@rbrick 1000% Andy Warhol BRILLO

Andy Warhol

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Iconic Artistic Expression

Introducing the Bearbrick Andy Warhol "Brillo" 1000% figure—a monumental tribute to Andy Warhol’s groundbreaking Brillo Soap Pad Boxes artwork. Standing an impressive 27.5 inches tall, this collectible is not just a figure, but a statement piece that merges the realms of pop art and designer toys. Crafted with meticulous detail, it features the iconic Brillo Pad logo and box branding, transforming everyday commercial design into a striking piece of contemporary art. Perfect for art collectors and enthusiasts of modern design, this figure brings a slice of the celebrated Wynwood art scene into your living space.

Why Choose Bearbrick Andy Warhol "Brillo"?

This Bearbrick is not just a toy; it's a piece of history. Owning the Bearbrick Andy Warhol "Brillo" 1000% figure means integrating a part of pop art history into your collection. Whether displayed in a sleek, modern living room or used as a centerpiece in creative spaces, it serves as a daily reminder of art's power to challenge societal norms about consumption and commercialism. Its significant size and distinct design make it a conversation starter, ideal for those who appreciate art that pushes boundaries. Plus, its robust build and exclusive branding make it a must-have for serious collectors.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Q: How tall is the Bearbrick Andy Warhol "Brillo" figure?
A: The figure stands 27.5 inches tall.

Q: What is the weight of the figure?
A: It weighs 11.75 pounds, providing a sturdy and prominent display piece.

Q: Where can this figure be purchased?
A: Available online, it can be yours through select art collectibles platforms and specialty stores that cater to pop art and street art merchandise aficionados.

Q: Is this a limited edition item?
A: Yes, the Bearbrick Andy Warhol "Brillo" 1000% is a limited edition release, enhancing its value and uniqueness as a collector's item.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: ver. 1000% – 27.5″H inches
Weight: 11.75 lbs

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