• Bio HEARTS  Water Bottle
  • Bio HEARTS  Water Bottle
  • Bio HEARTS  Water Bottle
  • Bio HEARTS  Water Bottle

Bio HEARTS Water Bottle

Bio Tats Cru

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The Artist's Soul Embodied in Hydration

Bio, a world-renowned artist, beautifully interprets the universal symbol of love in this unique HEARTS Water Bottle. With double-wall insulation and stainless steel construction, it's not just a display of fine artistry but also a reliable companion for your hydration needs. A clever blend of functionality and aesthetics, this bottle stands 10”W x 11”H, perfect for on-the-go or desk-side use. Its generous 25oz/750mL capacity assures you're well-hydrated through the day or during intense workouts.

Indestructible Beauty, Inside and Out

Engineered for durability and aesthetic appeal, the HEARTS Water Bottle is crafted from premium stainless steel. This double-wall insulated design keeps your drinks at an ideal temperature, whether you prefer them icy cold or soothingly warm. Its 10”W x 11”H dimensions provide a balanced grip and convenience in carrying. With a high-quality finish showcasing Bio's artistic hearts, this 25oz/750mL water bottle marries practicality and art.

More than a Bottle – A Statement Piece

Each 25oz/750mL HEARTS Water Bottle is a unique expression of Bio's artistry, infusing your everyday hydration routine with a touch of sophistication. The double-wall insulation and stainless steel build speak volumes about your commitment to quality and style. Sized at 10”W x 11”H, it is as impactful visually as it is in functionality. Elevate your hydration experience with this iconic water bottle.

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