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  • Boom Box White & Gold Candle - Wynwood Walls Shop
  • Boom Box White & Gold Candle - Wynwood Walls Shop

Boom Box White & Gold Candle

The Wynwood Walls Shop

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When the pandemic hit, many people found themselves in unique situations, striving to make the most out of the difficult time. David Ochoa was no exception. He took this opportunity to explore his artistic creativity in an entirely new way, transitioning from costume designing to candle-making from his bungalow in Venice Beach.

Drawing inspiration from sculptural artists and embracing a mid-century modern aesthetic, David's candles are not only functional but also fascinating works of art. Each candle has been carefully crafted with a Southern Californian vibe, infused with David's unique artistic persona. He has ingeniously designed these one-of-a-kind molds with a sense of humor and architectural influence, resulting in a range of fascinating candles that are bound to make a statement.

David's range of candles includes an array of quirky designs, such as an '80s boom box, a hi-top sneaker, and the ever-popular cult glow candle. He has also incorporated unusual hues, including a unique splatter-paint technique that has captivated candle enthusiasts worldwide.

The Boom Box Candle is one of David's most popular creations, with a burn time of approximately 45 hours. Made using a soy blend, the candle measures 8 1/2"x 4"x 3" and provides a fascinating aroma that will leave your space smelling heavenly. So why not add a touch of artistic sophistication to your home with one of David's creations and enjoy the unique blend of creativity and functionality!

The Boom Box Candle

Soy blend

45 ounces

8 1/2”x 4”x 3”

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