• Bunny Keeper Dream State By Persue
  • Bunny Keeper Dream State By Persue

Bunny Keeper Dream State By Persue


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Unleash the Mystique of Urban Art

Dive into the vivid world of urban fantasy with the Bunny Keeper Dream State by Dave “Persue” Ross. This 8-inch SuperJanky figurine is not just a collectible; it's a gateway to a universe where the lines between rebellion and art blur. Perfect for aficionados of street art merchandise and urban art prints, this piece marries the gritty essence of Wynwood walls art with the dark charm of mythical narratives. Its abstract, psychedelic visuals are ideal for those attracted to contemporary graffiti art and street art prints, offering an exclusive adornment for any modern art collection.

Collector’s Pride: Limited Edition Art

Embrace the exclusivity with Bunny Keeper, a limited edition art piece that captures the essence of rarity and artistic innovation. For collectors of limited edition prints and fine art prints, adding this piece ensures a distinctive touch to your ensemble of art collectibles. Owning this figurine, of which there are only a small number, is like holding a piece of Miami's dynamic art scene and radical street art culture.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

  • What materials are used for the Bunny Keeper Dream State? High-quality, durable resin ensures longevity and vivid detailing.
  • How can I display the figurine? Ideal for display on mantles, bookshelves, or desks as a standalone piece or part of a larger art collection.
  • Is this figurine a good gift for art lovers? Absolutely! It’s a unique gift for enthusiasts of art gifts and pop art collectibles, especially those fascinated by the Wynwood art district.
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