• SANDRA CHEVRIER Matted Print 2023
  • SANDRA CHEVRIER Matted Print 2023
  • SANDRA CHEVRIER Matted Print 2023

SANDRA CHEVRIER Matted Print 2023

Sandra Chevrier

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Artistic Allure: Capturing Contemporary Vibes

Sandra Chevrier's 2023 matted print from Wynwood Walls blends the vibrancy of street art with the profound depth of contemporary art. This piece, showcasing Chevrier's iconic style, encapsulates the emotional turmoil and societal pressures depicted through her masked female figures. Perfect for discerning collectors and enthusiasts of urban art, this print not only adds aesthetic value to any space but also invites conversation and introspection.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: A Collector's Dream

Crafted with precision, each print is presented on high-quality matte paper that enhances the visual depth and color fidelity of Chevrier's artwork. The limited availability makes this piece a must-have for both seasoned collectors and new admirers of the urban art scene. Whether it's displayed in a living room or an office, it serves as a statement piece that reflects a keen appreciation for modern artistry.

A Symbol of Cultural Expression: More Than Just Decor

This print is not merely decorative; it is a slice of the cultural tapestry that Wynwood Walls represents. It serves as a testament to the thriving street art culture and its role in shaping contemporary art dialogues. Owning this print means holding a part of art history, ideal for those who value art not only for its beauty but for its ability to provoke thought and evoke emotion.


  • What is the size of the print?
    • The print measures 24x30 inches, making it an ideal size for diverse spaces.
  • Is the artwork framed?
    • The print comes matted but unframed, giving you the flexibility to choose a frame that complements your decor.
  • How can I ensure the longevity of the print?
    • Keeping the print out of direct sunlight and using UV-protective glass when framing can significantly extend its life.
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