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Qhrist Metallic

Ron English

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Timeless Vinyl Craftsmanship

Delve deep into the world of vinyl art with the Qhrist Metallic, a masterful creation by the renowned artist, Ron English. Beyond its mesmerizing metallic finish, this toy stands tall at 8 inches, echoing the refined craftsmanship that is the hallmark of Ron English's creations. Made entirely of nutrition-free vinyl, it ensures a long-lasting addition to any collection without the wear and tear common to traditional materials.

An Ode to Retro Cereal Boxes

With the Qhrist Metallic, relive the golden era of Saturday morning cereals. This unique toy isn't just about aesthetics; its packaging is a nostalgic journey back to the times when cereals included cheap toys, making breakfasts a treasure hunt. Embracing that vintage vibe, the packaging of this figure is designed to stir emotions of a childhood filled with sugary delights and surprise toys.

Cereal Killers: A Statement Series

Become part of a larger narrative with the Cereal Killers figure series. By adding the Qhrist Metallic to your collection, you're not just acquiring a toy but a piece of Ron English's bold statement on contemporary culture. Join Qhrist, the vibrant energy alien, as he makes his mark in this iconic series, symbolizing both playful imagination and poignant social commentary.

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