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Ron English x Fat Tony

Ron English

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A Satiating Addition to Your Collection

This delectably designed vinyl figure stands at an impressive 8 inches tall and breathes life into any art collection. A satirical twist on our consumerist culture, Fat Tony embodies the creative fusion of art and commentary that Ron English is renowned for. This is the perfect pick for those in pursuit of rare vinyl figures and pop-art collectibles.

The Unmissable Ron English Style

As the mastermind behind the Cereal Killer Series, Ron English delivers once again with Fat Tony. Known for his thought-provoking and vibrant artistry, English offers an unmissable piece that perfectly encapsulates his recognizable style. Its impressive size, vivid colors, and intricate detailing make Fat Tony not just a collectible but a conversation starter, a centerpiece that effortlessly steals the spotlight.

Investing in Vinyl Art

When it comes to vinyl art, Fat Tony doesn't just satisfy your aesthetic appetite, it also promises a hearty return. Vinyl figures have seen a surge in popularity and value in the collectors' market, making this piece a delectable investment. As part of an iconic series by an internationally acclaimed artist, Fat Tony promises potential growth and value, making it a staple for both burgeoning and seasoned collectors.

As apart of Ron English's vastly popular Cereal Killer Series comes Fat Tony. Standing approximately 8 inches tall, this is a must-have for those trying to fatten up their vinyl art collection.

About the Artist


United States

One of the most prolific and recognizable artists alive today, Ron English has bombed the global landscape with unforgettable images, on the street, in museums, in movies, books and television. English coined the term POPaganda to describe his signature mash-up of high and low cultural touchstones, from superhero mythology to totems of art history, populated with his vast and constantly growing arsenal of original characters, including MC Supersized, the obese fast-food mascot featured in the hit movie “Supersize Me,” and Abraham Obama, the fusion of America’s 16th and 44th Presidents, an image widely discussed in the media as directly impacting the 2008 election. Other characters carousing through English’s art, in paintings, billboards, and sculpture include three-eyed rabbits, utterly delicious cowgirls and grinning skulls, blending stunning visuals with the bitingly humorous undertones of America’s Premier Pop Iconoclast.

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