• Dulk SOUL RIDER & TURTLE Water Bottle - Wynwood Walls Shop
  • Dulk SOUL RIDER & TURTLE Water Bottle - Wynwood Walls Shop
  • Dulk SOUL RIDER & TURTLE Water Bottle - Wynwood Walls Shop

Dulk SOUL RIDER & TURTLE Water Bottle


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Dulk’s ‘Soul Rider & Turtle’ Limited Edition Water Bottle

Discover the ultimate hydration companion with the exquisite Dulk’s 'Soul Rider & Turtle' Water Bottle. Conceived by renowned artist Dulk, this double-wall insulated stainless-steel masterpiece fuses impeccable design with high functionality. Standing tall at 10"W x 11"H, the bottle houses a spacious 25oz/750mL capacity, making it ideal for all your sipping needs.

Harmonious Blend of Art and Sustainability

The Dulk 'Soul Rider & Turtle' Water Bottle isn't just a hydration tool – it's a testament to the artistic brilliance and sustainability ethos. Dulk's signature design, featuring the soul rider and turtle, adorns the exterior, rendering a visual narrative that transcends the ordinary. This water bottle allows you to quench your thirst while embracing your appreciation for contemporary art and environmental consciousness.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship & High-end Functionality

Our limited-edition Dulk 'Soul Rider & Turtle' Water Bottle exhibits a harmonious marriage of top-tier craftsmanship and state-of-the-art functionality. The double-wall insulation design ensures your beverage remains at your preferred temperature, whether that's icy-cold or piping-hot. The top-grade stainless-steel construction assures lasting durability while the generous 25oz/750mL volume capacity caters to hydration needs for those long days out.

A Statement Piece for the Modern-Day Collector

Being more than just a water bottle, this Dulk masterpiece stands as a statement piece for any modern-day collector. Its impressive dimensions of 10"W x 11"H not only offer practicality but add a striking silhouette to your collection. Whether you're an art enthusiast or a lover of unique items, the 'Soul Rider & Turtle' Water Bottle is a must-have addition to your everyday essentials.

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