• Farid Rueda JAGUAR Mouse Pad - Wynwood Walls Shop
  • Farid Rueda JAGUAR Mouse Pad - Wynwood Walls Shop
  • Farid Rueda JAGUAR Mouse Pad - Wynwood Walls Shop
  • Farid Rueda JAGUAR Mouse Pad - Wynwood Walls Shop

Farid Rueda JAGUAR Mouse Pad

Farid Rueda

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Captivating Artistry: Farid Rueda Jaguar Mouse Pad

Enhance your digital workspace with the Farid Rueda Jaguar Mouse Pad. This is not just an ordinary computer accessory; it's a piece of art by the renowned artist, Farid Rueda. The vibrant depiction of a Jaguar, known as the guardian of the underworld in Aztec mythology, symbolizes strength and power. This colorful creature is a stunning and unique addition to any desk setup, bringing a touch of artistic flair to your everyday computing tasks.

Unrivaled Quality: Precision and Comfort

Crafted from high-grade 1/8" thick rubber and polyester, the Farid Rueda Jaguar Mouse Pad provides a seamless surface for your mouse's movement. Its precision-enhanced design ensures accurate clicking and dragging, whether you're eliminating digital adversaries in an intense gaming session or working on a crucial project. The smooth polyester surface ensures your mouse glides effortlessly, while the sturdy rubber base provides superior stability, preventing slips and slides.

Inspiring Workspace: Style Meets Functionality

Ditch the mundane and invite inspiration into your workspace. The Farid Rueda Jaguar Mouse Pad is the perfect amalgamation of style and functionality. The vibrant colors and bold design promise to infuse energy into your work or play sessions, transforming your desk into a hub of creativity. It's not just a mouse pad; it's a statement piece reflecting your unique taste in art and appreciation for quality accessories.

Whether you use your computer to blow away hostile aliens or get your work done, accurate clicking and dragging is crucial. This 7" x 8" mousepad is crafted from 1/8" thick rubber and polyester material.

About the Artist:

Farid Rueda was born in Morelos, located in the center of the country, an hour’s drive from the capital. Mexican pride takes over these lands, so it is not surprising the affection that this artist has for his country. When young Farid turned nine, his family moved to Xochimilco, Mexico City. This was the crucial moment for his development, since there he entered the famous ENAP (National School of Plastic Arts or National School of Visual Arts) where he came into contact with other fellow artists and friends who introduced him to the world of the street. art. No matter what project Farid was working on, the main characteristic of color was never questioned. This is undoubtedly the most recognized brand of him. Rueda once said: I like to paint on the walls because the dialogue with people is strong and direct, when my work is exhibited in galleries, people are instantly “programmed” to believe that what they see is art, although sometimes not they understand it. It is different on the street, the critics are all over the world and the artists manage to connect with all the spectators, beyond their tastes and knowledge in the matter and that is the greatest compliment in this line of work.

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