• Tykho 3 - Lexon X Keith Haring - HAPPY WHITE
  • Tykho 3 - Lexon X Keith Haring - HAPPY WHITE
  • Tykho 3 - Lexon X Keith Haring - HAPPY WHITE
  • Tykho 3 - Lexon X Keith Haring - HAPPY WHITE

Tykho 3 - Lexon X Keith Haring - HAPPY WHITE

Keith Haring

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Discover the Iconic Tykho 3 - Lexon X Keith Haring Collaboration: HAPPY WHITE Edition

Unleash Creativity with HAPPY WHITE Dive into the world of art and technology with the Tykho 3 - Lexon X Keith Haring HAPPY WHITE edition. A masterpiece that brings the vibrant and dynamic art of Keith Haring into your daily life, this radio and Bluetooth speaker combo is not just a gadget but a piece of contemporary art. The HAPPY WHITE edition, adorned with Haring's iconic figures and symbols, transforms your listening experience into an immersive journey through the pulsating energy of 80s street art culture. It's perfect for those who appreciate the blend of high-quality sound and high art.

Tech Meets Art in Every Beat Equipped with the latest in Bluetooth technology, the Tykho 3 lets you enjoy your favorite tunes with clarity and depth that does justice to the artist's vision. The water-resistant design ensures that your musical companion is ready for any adventure, from a serene morning in the garden to a lively beach party. Its unique, rubberized texture not only protects but also echoes Keith Haring's commitment to accessibility and interaction in art, inviting you to touch, feel, and connect with music and heritage on a whole new level.

A Symbol of Joy and Unity in Your Home The Tykho 3 is not just a speaker; it's a statement. It stands as a beacon of joy, unity, and the undying spirit of New York City's underground art scene, making it a must-have for collectors and music lovers alike. Its compact size and rechargeable battery make it an ideal companion for creating a personal oasis of sound anywhere you go. Owning the HAPPY WHITE edition is an opportunity to own a piece of history, merging the rhythm of your life with the heartbeat of Keith Haring's legacy.

FAQs to Amplify Your Experience

  • Can I connect the Tykho 3 to multiple devices? Yes, seamlessly switch between devices with its Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Is the HAPPY WHITE edition durable? Absolutely, its water-resistant and rubberized design ensures it can handle life's splashes and spills.
  • How long does the battery last? Enjoy up to 20 hours of playtime on a single charge, making it perfect for all-day enjoyment.
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