• GREG MIKE Postcard 2023

GREG MIKE Postcard 2023

Greg Mike

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Captivating Urban Art: GREG MIKE Postcard 2023 x Wynwood Walls

Bold Street Art Influence Embrace the vibrant pulse of the city with the GREG MIKE Postcard 2023, a masterpiece showcasing the essence of urban art. Renowned for its dynamic and colorful aesthetic, this postcard captures the spirit of Wynwood Walls, a landmark of street creativity. Perfect for art enthusiasts and collectors alike, this piece adds a touch of urban flair to any collection.

A Collector's Dream This limited edition GREG MIKE postcard is not just a mailer—it's a piece of art. As a prominent figure in the street art scene, GREG MIKE's works are highly sought after. This exclusive release at Wynwood Walls ensures you own a unique snippet of contemporary graffiti art. Its rarity makes it an excellent gift for collectors and aficionados of the street art movement.

Versatile Artistry for Everyday Use More than just a collectible, this postcard serves as a versatile piece of art. Whether framed and displayed in your living space or used as a thoughtful piece of correspondence, it brings a modern touch to your environment or the mailbox of a fellow art lover. Its durable material and exceptional print quality ensure lasting beauty and impact.


  • Can this postcard be framed for display? Yes, the quality and size of the GREG MIKE Postcard make it ideal for framing, turning it into a lasting piece of home decor.

  • Is this a limited edition item? Yes, this postcard is a limited release, making it a valuable addition to any street art collection.

  • Where can I buy more GREG MIKE art? More of GREG MIKE's works are available at our online art gallery, featuring a wide range of street art merchandise.

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