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  • Kayla Mahaffey "Disjointed" Magnet - Wynwood Walls Shop

Kayla Mahaffey "Disjointed" Magnet

Kayla May

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Magnet designed by featured artist Kayla Mahaffey in collaboration with the Wynwood Walls. Aluminum magnet 3.5" x 3.5"

About the Artist


United States

Kayla Mahaffey "KaylaMay" is a Chicago based artist specializing in illustration and fine art. In 2012, she attended the American Academy of Art where she gained knowledge and strengthened her skills. Her work speaks about how living in our world can be tough and how making the best of it can simply be done by holding on to each other. Her inspiration is the world around her and her colorful paintings contain hints of whimsy and realism that tell a story of inner thoughts and society issues that sometimes go unheard. Being born and raised on the South side of Chicago, only ignited her love for all things art. Seeing the struggle and the support from the community made her work evolve to a concept that is personal to her. She continues to further her technique and creativity in her field in order to paint a beautiful picture of a new world for those who live in it.

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