• Nicer  Diecast NY Subway Car
  • Nicer  Diecast NY Subway Car
  • Nicer  Diecast NY Subway Car
  • Nicer  Diecast NY Subway Car

Nicer Diecast NY Subway Car


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Exclusive Urban Artistry

Unveil a rare gem in urban collectibles with the "NO ONE'S NICER" Subway Car, a masterpiece officially licensed and created by renowned street artist NICER from TATSCRU NYC. This limited edition 1:100 scale die-cast model captures the essence of NYC's vibrant street culture, complete with detailed artwork on each side, making it a unique piece in any collection. Ideal for enthusiasts of street art and urban culture, this collectible not only represents a piece of New York's iconic subway history but also serves as a tribute to the graffiti art movement.

Authentic and Limited

Embrace the exclusivity with only 100 pieces made, each accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. This first edition release marks the third train drop in an acclaimed series featuring TAT Crew artists, ensuring that each piece holds its value and rarity in the art and collectible market. Whether as an investment or a centerpiece in your collection, this subway car model is a testament to authenticity and artistic heritage.

Interactive Art Experience

Enhance your display with features like operational lights and sound that bring the miniature NYC subway to life. This interactive element adds a layer of enjoyment and realism, showcasing NICER's dynamic and colorful artwork in a format that engages the senses. Perfect for display in homes, studios, or galleries, it offers an immersive experience that celebrates the energy and creativity of urban street art.


Q: What makes this subway car model a must-have for collectors? A: Its rarity, official licensing, interactive features, and the prestige of being part of a limited series hand-signed by the artist, make it highly desirable.

Q: Can I purchase this model anywhere else? A: No, this is a limited edition release available exclusively through our collection, ensuring its unique value.

Q: What is included with my purchase? A: Each model comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, hand-signed by NICER, ensuring its status as a genuine collector's item.

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