• Ron English TEMPER TOT GREEN  Pin
  • Ron English TEMPER TOT GREEN  Pin
  • Ron English TEMPER TOT GREEN  Pin


Ron English

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Bold Expression in Miniature Form Experience the fusion of contemporary art and urban style with the RON ENGLISH TEMPER TOT GREEN PIN, a collaboration with Wynwood Walls. This enamel pin is more than a mere accessory; it's a statement piece that encapsulates the rebellious spirit of street art. Perfect for collectors and fashion-forward individuals, it adds a touch of audacity to any ensemble.

A Piece of Street Art Legacy Owning a RON ENGLISH TEMPER TOT GREEN PIN is like holding a fragment of the vibrant Wynwood Walls. This iconic location, known for its dynamic murals, is brought to life in the miniature canvas of this pin. It's not just a collectible, it's a piece of art history, offering you a personal connection to the world-renowned street art district.

Versatile and Trendsetting Accessory Whether you're accessorizing your favorite jacket, backpack, or hat, the TEMPER TOT GREEN PIN is versatile enough to complement any style. Its vivid colors and impactful design make it a trendsetting piece, ideal for those who love to stand out and express themselves through unique and meaningful accessories.


  • What is the size of the pin? The pin measures approximately 1 inch, making it a subtle yet noticeable addition to any outfit.
  • Is this an official Ron English product? Yes, this pin is an officially licensed product by Ron English, ensuring authenticity and quality.
  • How do I care for the pin? To maintain its vibrancy, avoid direct exposure to water and store it in a dry place.
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