• Tykho 3 Radio & Speaker - Lexon x Jean-Michel Basquiat - Crown Black
  • Tykho 3 Radio & Speaker - Lexon x Jean-Michel Basquiat - Crown Black

Tykho 3 Radio & Speaker - Lexon x Jean-Michel Basquiat - Crown Black

Jean-Michel Basquiat

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Revolutionizing Your Listening Experience: The Tykho 3 Radio & Speaker

Immerse yourself in the ultimate audio journey with the Tykho 3 Radio & Speaker, a masterpiece collaboration between Lexon and Jean-Michel Basquiat. This cutting-edge device not only delivers high-quality sound but also doubles as a stunning piece of art. The Crown Black edition, adorned with Basquiat's signature crown motif, seamlessly blends contemporary design with cultural legacy, making it a must-have for art lovers and audiophiles alike.

Art Meets Innovation: Jean-Michel Basquiat's Legacy

Jean-Michel Basquiat, a pivotal figure in modern art, infuses his unique vision into the Tykho 3 Radio & Speaker. The Crown Black edition features his iconic crown symbol, a representation of majesty, power, and creativity. Owning this piece is not just about enjoying unparalleled sound quality; it's about embracing a fragment of art history and celebrating Basquiat's enduring influence in the art world.

Functionality at its Finest: Features and Specifications

The Tykho 3 Radio & Speaker is not just visually stunning; it's packed with features that cater to the modern listener's needs. It offers Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, and a rechargeable battery, providing both wireless convenience and versatile usage. The compact, water-resistant design makes it ideal for any setting, from your chic living room to poolside lounging.

FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Q: Is the Tykho 3 Radio & Speaker portable?
A: Absolutely! Its compact size and rechargeable battery make it perfect for on-the-go listening.

Q: Can I connect it to my smartphone?
A: Yes, it features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream your favorite tunes directly from your phone.

Q: Is it durable for outdoor use?
A: Definitely. The Tykho 3 is designed to be water-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor environments.

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